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Tailor your Toyota to suit with the 2016 Tacoma

There is no shortage of options with a pickup truck. We're not just talking about model selections across the industry. We mean that the work truck itself is one of the most highly customizable vehicles on the market. Automakers design the lineup so that trims are pretty much just a jumping off point to nip and tuck and build on and create your own personalized pickup.


Take the Toyota Tacoma, for example. The upcoming 2016 Tacoma is built on a foundation of five trim levels, from the basic SR work truck to the Limited luxe-truck and TRD Off-Road models…

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Can Routine Maintenance Make Your Car Last 435,000 Miles?

Bob Old has been driving his Toyota Prius around the UK for a long time. So long, he got the attention of Toyota, and they made a video about him, his dog, and his Prius two years ago.

Two years later, and he's still driving the same car!

Bob Old seems to have found the Holy Grail of car reliability. His 11 year old Prius has over 400,000 miles on it-- double the mileage a car usually falls apart at-- and he has never had a single breakdown.

Maybe there was one time he punctured a tire.


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Toyota has your back with 2015 Camry's advanced safety features

In order to be considered a true family car in every sense of the word, the vehicle has to prioritize safety. Automakers do this is a variety of different ways, some focusing on crash protection and others on crash avoidance.


Toyota aims to excel at both, particularly with the 2015 Toyota Camry. This midsize sedan earned five out of five stars for overall crash protection in government crash testing. That might be enough for some brands, but Toyota has equipped the latest Camry with some of the most advanced safety features on the market in order to prevent these crashes…

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2015 Toyota Prius is a Winner

Now, we certainly recognize that drivers continue to choose the Toyota Prius to enjoy its class-leading fuel economy ratings. And, we certainly expect that to remain the case for many, many years to come! But, we should also note that the 2015 Toyota Prius is much more than just a fuel efficient hybrid. In fact, the Prius offers a smooth, comfortable ride in its modern, spacious interior that's brimming with the latest tech features. 
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Toyota Mothers of Invention Highlight: Lava Mae

San Francisco is a vibrant city with rich history. Renowned for its landmarks, architecture, and culture, the City by the Bay attracts IT professionals to its rolling city streets year after year. But even as the already high standard of living continues to rise, homelessness still persists. More than 12,000 citizens live on the streets of San Francisco, and they have access to just 16 showers.

Inspired by a personal encounter, Doniece Sandoval sought…

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How Toyota Produces Hydrogen for the 2016 Mirai

The upcoming 2016 Toyota Mirai is going to be an amazing vehicle, using hydrogen fuel cells to power it instead of electricity or gasoline. But how does the Japanese automaker make the hydrogen? Maybe they convert it from water? Siphon it from clouds, maybe?

Well, no, that would be absurd. It's actually made from cow manure!

It sounds odd, yes, but in a recent video the automaker shows how a several-step process takes out…

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A Smooth, Safe Ride in the Toyota Camry

With a better design and futuristic technology in place to give you a quiet, smooth ride, you'll love getting around in your new 2015 Toyota Camry, as the sounds of the road will be far more quiet. But with that comes the need for a little more awareness, which Toyota also takes cares of with more intelligent technology. Check it out by pressing play.

You'll find exactly what you want and need right…

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Unlike your kids, the 2015 Toyota Sienna is always ready to go

If there's one thing all parents have, it's places to be. And driving around in your average minivan has a way of making you feel like you're trying to put the pedal to the metal in a tank. That's why drivers and critics are raving about the unusually potent 3.5-liter V6 engine in the 2015 Toyota Sienna.

It's the quintessential Toyota engine, and when you pack the Sienna with…

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