4 Warm Weather Auto Service Tips to Keep Your Car in Shape This Summer

June 17th, 2019 by

To make sure your car is ready for all the fun summer adventures you have planned, be sure to bring it in for auto service at our Silver Spring, MD Toyota sealer serving Washington DC. With some routine maintenance at our service center, your car can provide the great ride you need in the hot summer weather.

Keep an eye on your battery. Heat can cause your battery to fail. Have your battery checked to make sure it’s working properly, so your car will start with ease this summer.

Keep your engine cool. As the temperature heats up, coolant becomes more important. Be sure to check your coolant levels or have your coolant flushed to prevent your engine from overheating.

Check your tire pressure. Temperature changes can affect your tire pressure, which can lead to blowouts and poor handling. Check and adjust your tire pressure for a smooth and safe ride throughout the Landover, MD area and beyond.

Change your oil. The summer heat can thin out your oil, preventing it from doing its job. Having your oil changed and replaced with a thicker oil can help keep your engine protected and running smoothly throughout the Bethesda area and wherever else you travel.

When your car is ready for its summer auto service, be sure to schedule your auto service at our Silver Spring, MD Toyota dealer serving Laurel. We would be happy to take care of your maintenance needs, so your car can keep running smoothly all summer long.

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