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What is ToyotaCare?

ToyotaCare is a maintenance plan that makes it easy to keep your new car in great shape. With this plan, your new car can keep running at its best for many more miles, while helping you save on auto service.


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How Do You Jump Start a Car?

Many drivers have experienced the dread of turning your key and not hearing the engine turn on. Usually, it means your car's battery is dead and it needs a jump. If this happens to you, there's no need to call a tow truck as long as you have a set of jumper cables and there's another driver around willing to help you jump start your car. The process is pretty simple:

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The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and a Band of Loggers

Do you crave adventure? Do you long for weekend getaways and travels off the beaten path the way that other people you know crave the corner office or live for pay raises? If so, you’ll likely relate to James. Sure, he’s a city guy, but his heart is that of a wanderer. He can’t wait to get off of the beaten path on the weekends and see where it leads him.

In this instance, his adventurous spirit leads him directly to a big group of loggers. Not to be intimidated, James joins in on the fun.

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Get A Boost From Scion Service When you Buy a New Car At DARCARS Toyota Silver Spring

Among the many advantages of buying a new Scion from DARCARS Toyota Silver Spring are unique interior and exterior styling, advanced technology, a fun drive, approachable monthly payments and now - Scion Service Boost.

As the name suggests, the complementary plan covers all of your factory-recommended Scion service appointments and then some. Also included in the plan is road-side assistance, the use of genuine Scion parts, the care of highly trained technicians boasting a deep, always-up-to-date…

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