Four Auto Services Your Car Needs to Prepare for Winter

November 21st, 2018 by

Winter is fast approaching, and now is the time to get your car ready for the season. To make sure your car can perform at its best during the cold, snowy months, it needs winter auto service. Below, you can learn about some of the services and parts that can help your car run smoothly and safely all winter long.

Oil Change: Cold weather can change the effectiveness of your oil, so it’s important to have an oil change as the cold weather sets in to make sure your engine can run smoothly this season.

Snow Tires: To make sure your car can maintain traction of slippery, snowy roads, it’s a good idea to have snow tires or a new set of all-season tires put on before it starts to snow.

Battery Check/Replacement: Your battery drains faster in the cold, so be sure to have it inspected to make sure it’s working properly, and have it replaced if necessary.

Heating System Inspection: Make sure your heating system is working properly before the temperature starts to drop, so you can enjoy a comfortable ride this winter.

We would be happy to take care of your winter service at the DARCARS Silver Spring Auto Service Center. Our service center technicians can get your car in great shape, and they’re also a great resource for more winter service information.

If your car is ready for its winter auto service, be sure to schedule your service at our Silver Spring, MD dealership. We will gladly get your car ready for winter, so you can enjoy a safe ride all season long.

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