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When it Comes to Tires, Turn to DARCARS Toyota Silver Spring

Why do so many Toyota drivers choose DARCARS Toyota Silver Spring for all of their tire needs? Because, at our Silver Spring Toyota dealership, you get the new tires, tire rotation and alignment you need, minus the tired customer service you could do without.

Our team of tire and Toyota service gurus is not only passionate about the Toyota brand and maintaining and fixing cars; they're also committed to keeping you and yours safe. And, some of the easiest, yet most overlooked, ways to optimize driver and passenger safety are taking proper care of tires, putting on quality tires, and making sure you have the right tires on for the season.

To help, we offer an extensive array of tires Toyota recommends specifically for models such as the Prius, Camry, Highlander, Tundra and more. Plus, we offer tire balancing, wheel alignment, flat-tire changes, and tire rotation. Schedule an appointment today online, or call 888-841-9679.  

Tire Q&A

Want to learn more about tires? Keep reading! Our Tire Q&A covers some of the more common questions asked by drivers in the Silver Spring area.

Q:  How can I tell when I need to get my tires balanced?
A:  Often times, drivers will notice their car vibrating and/or a "wobbly" steering wheel.

Q:  Can I get just two new tires?
A:  That depends. Toyota drivers might want to invest in only two new tires if the other two are safe and reliable. The new tires should, however, be mounted in the rear to ensure optimum safety. The exception to the rule: Drivers buying snow tires. The best practice with this breed of tire is that all four be the same style and age.

Q:  What types of tires are there?
A:  There are all-season tires, performance all-season tires, ultra performance tires, all-season truck tires, all-terrain tires, winter tires, and performance winter tires. Choice depends on climate, type of tire included with your car and desired performance.  

Q:  How often should I get my wheels rotated?
A:  Best practice: Every other oil change. And yes, it really will make them wear longer and more evenly.

Q:  How much air should I keep in my tires?
A:  Perhaps the most common question of all and there's no one right answer. Different Toyota models require different tire pressure. The answer specific to your Toyota model can be found either in the owner's manual, on a sticker inside the glove box, or on a decal insight the door jamb. If you're filling up you tires, be sure to use an accurate tire-pressure gauge. Those at gas stations are often faulty.

Q:  How do I know if my tire tread boarders on unsafe?
A:  If you feel your vehicle is especially susceptible to slipping. Or, if treads fail the recently standardized "Quarter Test"... When the tread runs only to the top of George Washington's head, it's time to start exploring new tire options.

For answers to questions about tires related to your specific Toyota model, or to learn more about the other car services we offer drivers in the Silver Spring area (i.e., battery checks and replacements, oil changes, and brake repairs), contact us today.


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